Onyx Marble

GEMONYX is a leading luxury stone company in Delhi. The company offers luxury tiles, natural stone tiles, Corian temples for homes and decorative items to discerning clients. It also offers Onyx marble in Delhi at the best rates .The deep and rich experience supported by the unmatched Italian technology ensures ultimate products to the clients.

Onyx Marble comes in various colors, shades, designs and patterns. It is a unique stone that gives breathtaking impressions. However, it is mostly used for decorative items, rather than as floor or kitchen countertop marble, but can also be a good choice as countertop of small coffee tables, side tables.

The client gets white onyx, green onyx, honey onyx, orange onyx, which are considered as the showstopper of a stone. The specialty of the stone is stunning swirls, speckles of rich, vibrant color and translucency that makes it a preferred stone for decoration in homes and commercial spaces.

Background of Onyx Marble

The unique creation of the onyx marble gives a unique texture to the marble. It is created in the caves of the Middle East, North Africa, and South America from drips of water, that form stalactites and stalagmites and when the water evaporates from these naturally created stone slabs; it leaves behind deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals. These deposits are responsible for swirls, spots and colorful bands, seen on Onyx.Travertine deposits are also commonly found in onyx. 

It is called onyx marble, because of its similar composition and visual appearance to marble. It also is carved for lamp bases, bowls, vases, and other decorative accents.

Uniqueness of Onyx Marble

The lush and deep colors, as well as the wide variations in colors and patterns, give a unique finish to onyx marbles.  Another somewhat unusual and unique property of onyx is its translucency, which means light penetrates it. And when it is lit from behind or underneath, a soft glow comes that further highlights and enhances the color and pattern variations in the stone, thus adding dimension to the piece.

Onyx’s unique characteristics and rarity of Onyx Marble makes it an excellent choice for luxury interior decors. Its installation helps owners to incorporate not only the natural stone into their homes, but also create a signature, and custom design that is not possible to replicate.  Onyx marble needs a lot of attention and care.Clients get Onyx Marble in Delhi in a wide range of yellow-orange hues, and in other colors such as white, brown, green and purple.

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