Corian Kitchen Tiles

GEMONYX is a leading luxury stone company, operating from the marble market in New Delhi. It offers the best contemporary onyx tiles and marbles, Corian kitchen tiles, Kitchen Countertops and decorative items based on marble and Corian. The use of products and services of the company in homes lift the decor standards and bring the latest in marble and tiles into the decor designs and kitchens.

As a leading and reputed company in the stone industry, GEMONYX utilizes italian technology and leverages its deep experience in the stone industry to help customers enliven their living environment with contemporary Corian Kitchen Tiles and marble flooring and walls. Corian is a synthetic solid material used as countertops in hotels, kitchens, and in many other applications.

What makes Corian an ideal tile for your kitchen?

  • Durable - The Corian is solid surface material offering strong resistance to cuts, daily wear and tear on the kitchen countertops.

  • Tough - Corian cannot be de-laminated and its joints are inconspicuous and fluids cannot permeate.

  • Easy to Clean - it is extremely easy to clean marks and stains. It also strongly resists the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

  • Non-Porous - The non-porous nature of the Corian makes it highly suitable for kitchen tiles and countertops, as this feature does not allow permeation of liquid. The bacteria and germs have no place to grow.

  • Seamless - Corian Kitchen Tiles offer seamless surface and fewer joints with inconspicuous seams, thus creating large seamless kitchen countertops, sinks and wall and floor tiles. The continuous solid surface of countertops, washbasins, and sinks means that there are no crevices to trap dirt, dust and bacteria.

  • Ultimate Design Material - The properties of the Corian Kitchen Tiles help the client to engrave it, backlight it, thermoform it or texture it to creating a unique or favorite design.

  • Wide Color Range - The product is available in varied colors, textures, shades and designs to offer each kitchen a unique look. It fulfills both practical and aesthetic purposes.  The luxury stone company offers a dazzling array of colors and style to match the lifestyle of customers.

Besides Corian kitchen tiles, the collection also includes tiles for walls and floors, highlighters, LED Panels, Corian Mandirs, CNC Designs, Onyx Bar Counters, Onyx Fire Place, Onyx Lift Wall, Onyx countertops and dining tables, decorative items and much more according to help clients enrich their lives and create an ambience that is relaxing, soothing, and cozy.