GEMONYX is an Indian luxury stone company, began as an idea to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

 We deliver some of the best quality onyx tiles and marbles, by utilising the Italian technology, backed by years of experience in the stone industry. What sets us apart from our contemporaries is the carefully curated interior spaces in our studio and the ability to customise, all aimed at helping our clients make the right decisions according to their specific needs.

Our collection includes tiles for walls and floors, highlighters, LED Panels, Corian Mandirs, CNC Designs, Onyx Bar Counters, Onyx Fire Place, Onyx Lift Wall, Onyx countertops and dining tables, decorative items and much more according to our clients’ diverse needs.

 We export on a large scale to many countries, including UAE and USA.

All our production is carried out by a select group of trusted partners in the area of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.



To enrich our clients’ spaces and conduct business with utmost transparency and honesty.


At GEMONYX, we take pride in our standards of quality, our craftsmanship, and innovation. Having the expertise and deep knowledge of materials, we consistently deliver on our promise of unparalleled satisfaction.